Top 8 Best SEO TOOLS For Blogging as a Beginners

Top 9 Best SEO TOOLS For Blogging as a Beginners

Top 8 Best SEO TOOLS For Blogging as a Beginners

In this article we will discuss Best SEO TOOLS For Blogging as a beginner or pro. The term SEO, simply means search engine optimization and it’s a process used to make search engines better understand how any website communicates with its users via the search engines. Also a search engine fetches data from websites on the internet, curates these data and better interprets them to suit a search engine user any time he uses the search engine to search for anything.

As a result, whenever a search query is executed, the search engine bot crawls through a list of data in search engines database to look for result that best suite a search engine user query and this result in turn is known as the search engine result which is displayed in a page known as the “Search Engine Result Page” – SERP.

Having explained SEO, now let’s go down to the topic which is; ”Best SEO Tools for Blogging”. SEO tools are the things you need for any website to be fully optimized to its full potential. Thereby making it very easy for search engine to better crawl and rank these websites or better help a website compete for top positions in SERP (Search engine result page).

And when it comes to SEO in blogging, we can fully say that the place for SEO is very important as those are the core vitals of gaining organic traffic to your website. Below are a list of SEO tools free and paid.

List of Best SEO TOOLS For Blogging as a Beginner

1. Search Console Tool

2. KPI Tools

3. Rank math

4. Yoast

5. Ahrefs

6. Semrush

7. Google trend

8. CDN

9. Google Adwords

SEO tools are quite numerous out there but in this article we will be anchoring on the ones we see as core vitals and some of the best SEO tools for blogging that you’ll be needing as a beginner or pro. Number one on our list is the search console tool and we focus on the google search console.

Search Console or Webmaster Tools

Google search console, formerly known as the google webmaster tool, is a webmaster tool used to submit a sitemap of any website and also to connect any website to google. Its a unique tool that better helps search engine understand everything about a website. This is our top one when it comes to best SEO tools for blogging. Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tool or Yandex) are all examples of Webmaster tools.

Top 8 Best SEO TOOLS For Blogging as a Beginners

Analytics Key Performance Indicators

KPI Tools are tools needed for data analytics. The term KPI stands for; “Key Performance Indicator” and in this article we recommend the use of the Google Analytics tool as it has a wide range of options to explore in ensuring you get the best data sets to work with.

best seo tools for blogging

Rank Math

Rank math is an  SEO tool used around the backend session of a website. Oh yes! Its actually a plugin that allows you to properly manage content and keywords around a particular post published on the internet using this website as a means to project the said content.

best seo tools for blogging - rank math

Yoast SEO


Yoast is an  SEO tools used around the backend section of a website to properly organize and manage search engine optimization needs regardless of the fact that search console handles sitemap submissions. YOAST is a similar tool to Rank Math and its an essential tool for your blogging success as a beginner or pro.

Ahrefs or SEMRUSH tools are all in one search suite that is used for discovering marketing insights, and  improving online visibility. These tools are used to fetch reports that are able to help online/content marketers work on the following services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Competitive Research, PR, Keyword Research, Content Marketing, gaining Marketing Insights, Campaign Management and much more.

semrush - best seo tools for blogging

Google Trends

This is a tool that is used by many to view trends on the internet. Google trend is a very key tool because it has the power of delivery trends in real time and also allows sorting as creators can sort trends using demographics or location, keywords, comparison or even explore other options. The beautiful this about this tool is that it provides a key performance indicator analytics graph that helps you get better insight of your analysis. Google Trends has proven itself as a very important tool and is one amongst the Best SEO TOOLS For Blogging in the Blogging Industry Today.

Content Delivery Network – CDN

CDN is a term that stands for content delivery network and it’s a very useful tool to use in blogging and SEO. A content delivery network, or content distribution network, is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centres. The goal of a content delivery network  is to provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end users.

best seo tools for blogging - cloudflare

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Another Best SEO TOOLS For Blogging is the Google Adword Keyword Planner. It is an exceptional keyword research tool with loads of potentials and it’s capabilities are limitless. Also it can be used for researching all kinds of keywords be it Long Tail, Medium Tail or Main Term keywords. Its usage has proven very effective and is widely used by many bloggers on the blogging sphere by professional bloggers and beginners.

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