Social Media Marketing

How to use Social Media Marketing to Make Money – Best Guide 101

Social Media Marketing

Social media Marketing is an interestingly awesome channel, businesses can leverage to reach new prospects and customers. By being present on multiple platforms, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, businesses can increase their visibility and attract a large amount of traffic to their brands.

In the detailed guide to social media marketing, you’ll learn the following;

  • What is Social Media Marketing
  • Developing a social media Marketing Strategy
  • How to leverage Social media to make money as a Personal Brands
  • How to leverage social media to make sales and Business Brand

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing entails utilizing social media platforms to accomplish your Brand’s objectives and goals as part of Digital Marketing. It involves leveraging platforms to build Business Brands, develop excellent customer relationships, attract new clients, increase sales and drive traffic.

Social media marketing goes beyond regularly posting random contents, rather Every content is created with an objective. Posting these contents follows a sequence of contents like;

  • Optimizing your Profile
  • Setting brand goals and objects
  • Choosing the right platforms to be on
  • Creating video and pictures contents that resonates with your brand goals
  • Responding to comments, likes and shares of your contents
  • Engaging with pages relevant to your brand, commenting meaningfully to their posts and enquiries of your clients

Benefits of Social Media Marketing to your Brands;

  • Build Positive Brand Perception
  • Generate Leads and Prospects for your Business
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Build Strong Customer Relationship

Each one of these outlined strategies seek to achieve a given primary Goal, which is to generate sales and make money through these platforms. Personal and Business Brands can both make money through these Platforms. We’ll look through ways both can achieve this.

how to use social media to make money

How to Make Money from Social Media as a Personal Brand

As a Personal Brand here are some ways you can use in making money of these platforms;

Brands Partnership

Influencers with a large following can engage in Brands Partnership, helping to promote their brands. This can be in the form of commissions generated from product sales or agreed sums for promoting their brands.
As an Influencer it’s important you take these into notice when seeking brands to partner with.

  • They should be brands that suits your Contents and Personality
  • You should have used their products before recommending them to your audience
  • The products must offer amazing value to your audience

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting products of brands with the aim of gaining sales fractions per sales generated through you, is another interesting way to make money through these platforms. Brands are willing to share revenue per sales individuals generate for their products. They’re willing to take this route, because the cost of marketing is often handled by the individuals and their strong online presence makes them have strong brand credibility when promoting the products of these brands.

Here are some ways to start out as an Affiliate marketer;

  • Join an Affiliate program
  • Join a Company’s Affiliate
  • Pitch a customer with a brand, with rates and contracts signed

Products Reviews

Another interesting way to make money off these platforms is opting to do product Reviews for brands who sell products that complement your Brand’s and services you offer. For example Brands that produce Makeup and skin care products could request beauticians(influencers) to review their products to their social media audience. This creates a level of trust and credibility, as the beautician is perceived as an authority in that niche, hence winning over these audiences.

Enroll on Platform Monetization Programs

Platforms like YouTube, Facebook and recently Twitter pay content creators for creating engaging contents on their platforms. Content creators like Mr. Beast have gone on to say that their Channels on YouTube can be valued as a $10Billion channel. Yes a ton of work goes into making a highly profitable platform and definitely not an overnight story to stardom and there are certain requirements that must be met to start getting paid. But it’s a sure way to generate revenue.

Create and Sell eBooks and Courses

Information marketing is another interesting way to make money off the internet. Ebooks and Courses that seek to provide knowledge or skills to customers can generate income from your audience.

These should help solve a given problem or help make persons develop new skills that are relevant and of high demand.

Hosting Virtual Events and Workshop

Virtual Events and Workshop can be another lucrative way to profit from social media. Getting industry experts in various subject matters that are timely and relevant. People could be made to pay a fee to attend such events or offered at zero cost, but can be made to pay a fee for the recording of the event.

social media online

How to Profit from Social Media as a Company

Brands want to make more sales and attract new customers to their brand. Social media platforms offer this better than territorial marketing. With how far these platforms have evolved, marketing has become more evolved and more detailed.

Brands can now aim to target specific individuals with adequate details of their profile and interest which these platforms provide.

Brands can take advantage of these platforms to generate income in the following ways;

Setting Up Affiliate Program: Affiliate Marketing is a proficient way Businesses can increase their product sales. Developing a program that offers a Revenue sharing pee sales that is generated by the affiliate is a tested model that brands can leverage to increase their sales.

Think of it this way, as the entire effort and cost of doing the marketing with only marketing materials and guidance is delegated to the Affiliates, who promote these products for a chance to share Revenue. Both the Affiliate and Brand make wins both ways.

Work With Social Media Influencers

Influencers with high social Media followings can help promote your brand. When taking this route don’t be quick to reach out to any influencer online with large followings. But rather seek out influencers who’s brand and style resonates with your Company’s brand and values as well. Often a contract of agreement is drawn.

Sell your Products Directly using Social Media Ads

Brands can now directly market their products to prospects who are more likely to make purchases of their products. These platforms provide brands with key data and in-depth marketing details of potential customers willing and able to make purchases of their products. This is a benefit that isn’t readily available to Territorial Marketing.

Social Media holds tremendous benefits to your Brands and Businesses when used correctly.

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