How To Job Hunt On Facebook Using Bot

How To Job Hunt On Facebook Using Bot – Best Guide

How To Job Hunt On Facebook Using Bot

Getting Jobs these days can be quite frustrating especially in the tech sphere. That is why we will be anchor on How To Job Hunt On Facebook Using Bot. It is so pathetic many who have smartphone still don’t know how to make use of it especially in the area of Job hunting, using Facebook. Well, I am here not to mock us but share how we can do that using our phone.

In this era of Artificial Intelligent, there is this bot called “JobBot“ that can send your latest job alert according to the location you input. In order to enjoy this, you need to follow this steps:

How To Job Hunt On Facebook Using Bot

without wasting time, let’s delve right into how to job hunt on facebook, using bot.

1. Using the search box and type “Jobbot” or use the link Facebook Job Bot

2. Click on and like the page. Then, subscribe to their messager JobBot

3. Input Industry or keyword eg Finance, Account, Admin, Marketing etc.

4. Bot will ask for Location, kindly write the city name you wish to search.

Please note here the Bot will ask for your location, kindly allow “Location access”.

The bot will also ask this “Ok, I will look for jobs in the location you input eg Lagos, Nigeria. Right?” Kindly click on yes.

That is all and you will start getting Job alert via your messager.

Please be nice to the Bot because It will help you more than humans 😀

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