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What to do as a Newbie in the Tech Industry – Best Guide

What to do as a newbie in the tech industry

In this article, we anchor on What to do as a Newbie in the tech industry. There’s a Popular saying and it quotes; “If it’s worth doing, then do it well”. That’s why we came up with a topic like this. For so many reasons, people venture into any field, and for a field like tech, it’s not really as complicated as we see it in reality.

It’s simple and could really make sense if you put your mind to it. For some it can be one hell of a mind-draining journey while for others it can be very simple but in all, we must understand that as people differ, so also their method of reasoning and process of understanding differs.

Having breakthroughs in the tech industry can be a bit daunting at first, with butterflies in your tummy but as long as you do proper research and work hard, in time, you’re good to go.

However, In today’s topic we are going to hit on the Best practices you should go through before delving into information technology or tech for short.

Although there are various opportunities in the tech industry which are; Project Management, Product Design, Programming, Web Design, UI/UX Design, Software Architect, Software Engineering, Social Media Marketing and PR, SEO Analytics, Blogging, VLog, Content Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Graphics Designs, Database Administration, Data Science, Copy-writing, Quality Assurance, Digital Marketing, Freelancing, CPA Marketing, Writing/Content Creators and the list goes on.

The list doesn’t now make you want to venture into all. What you have to do is to pick one or two niches and focus on it.

Best practices before delving into tech

In this best practice series, we are going to touch on the core vitals in relation to every single thing you’ll need and processes you might want to go through to achieve great success in the journey of tech discovery. Below is a list of the steps to take;

Evaluate the Tech Space Very Well Before Choosing a Field of Interest.

You have to be genuine in picking an area of interest in whichever area of the career path you want to delve into. This is important so you wouldn’t get bored or frustrated in your tech journey before, during, and after training.

Research on the particular niche of a field of interest

Before delving into that field it is very important that you do proper research on that field, and find mentors, offline, online, or both who are very skilled at that particular niche or field. Find as many mentors as you can get in that chosen area you want to focus on and follow their guidance. Also, make sure you follow them on all social media platforms, maintain a healthy relationship with them, attend online webinars to further strengthen your skill set, and also send direct messages to them if you have to. Also make Google and YouTube your best friend.

Follow Your Mentors or Whichever Materials Available

Pick a Mentor and follow them bumper to bumper. Following a mentor helps to ease out your journey and it also secures you from failing where others failed. Follow your mentor, their training programs, tutorials, and advice. Keep moving with them because the journey to success is a bit narrow and lonely and sometimes when you feel like giving up, mentors and partners will be right there to put you back on track and keep you going.

Be Discipline in Your Time and Habits

In trying to start up something new, it takes strong will and determination to conquer fear and all the bad habits that would want to cause any tension or distractions so my dear friend, you have to really be disciplined with your time and also be consistent with the process of your tech journey. Also, you must know that the reason why a lot of people give up on their career path is because they lack discipline, time management, and focus.

Build a mindset of growing daily and please don’t waste your time on things that are not necessary or relevant to aiding your growth process. So have a plan, have time for everything, and be strategic about your learning process.

Take Jobs Even if it’s Free

The beauty of this idea is that you grow stronger in what you do so you get first-hand experience when working and learning on a job. The more you do that thing, the better you become. Mastery comes from consistently concentrating your energy on a particular gold. And as a beginner, you are not expected to have the complete experience to get gigs or jobs in whichever field you settle in yet so the best way is to work, learn, and have working experience before looking for a real pay job.

Money Shouldn’t Be the reason for delving into that Niche

Money is important but shouldn’t be your motivation to learn instead, see it as you just wanting to explore the option and enjoy the process. Again, do not let money be the motive of learning anything rather let it be passion be it with or without money, choose that field because you want to be a pro in it and when you become a pro the money will follow suit.

Build a Network of Friends in that Field Around The Tech Industry

Surround yourself with people of like minds. There’s a saying; “Birds of a feather flock together”. In this journey, you must understand that no man is an island of knowledge so therefore you should surround yourself with like-minded people of the same goals and vision. Because sticking around them together you learn more, come up with new ideas, collaborate, and do amazing things together.

Develop a Unique approach to learning and solving problems

Having a unique approach to learning is very vital. As a newbie, you are expected to carry out every task as it is given but aside from that, try to think of other ways that the same task can be carried out that’s how you can be creative in any field of interest. This is how you can create your own signature in your work so people in your field will recognize you and give you even more opportunities to work with top people in your industry. Focus on problem-solving concepts.

Study Books in your field of interest

As a newbie or pro, you must understand that Reading books is another vital concept in your learning process. You have to know how to talk the talk and walk the walk. When talking you have to sound articulate in every way in your chosen field of interest. Life is progressive and as it should be. I mean you wouldn’t want to be a guy or girl that is stuck with just what he knows no upgrade or growth. Reading is very important if you want to succeed in your career path.

Be Positive, Patient and Put God First in All You Do

As you know, forming bad habits is easier than forming good ones. Same way building good habits can be very hard to do because it takes discipline, Commitment, and the Grace of God to follow through. You have to be prayerful, and patient, and always turn to God for a sound mind, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to follow through.

In conclusion, in everything you’ve read, you must understand that Rome was not built in a day and the 100% result will not just come in one day. It will require more time to grind, true passion, commitment, perseverance, consistency, the will to learn, and a strong spirit.

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