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Snapchat for Business

Looking and Snapchat for Business Today. The core value of most businesses is to connect with their target audience for their goods and services in the most convenient way. Businesses make use of a number of marketing strategies in order to meet their target margins. Snapchat for business can now be considered as one of the platforms that internet marketers and businesses can use to take their marketing and businesses to the next level when it comes to reaching their potential consumers.

Why Snapchat for Business?

Snapchat for business is very vital. While the use of Snapchat for the purpose of marketing and connecting with consumers can feel overwhelming for internet marketers and businesses, one should note that it is always gainful to come up with an effective platform that offers opportunities of connecting with target audiences. It is only through this that marketers and businesses are able to keep their clients, acquire new clients and sell more.

According to the statistics of the volume of Snapchat users on a daily basis, it is beyond doubts that this application can be valuable when it comes to being used as a marketing tool for business. On most occasions, a marketing platform is identified by its ability to reach a wide base of people ad users. The core reason snapchat for business should be considered.

According to recent statistics, Snapchat is accessed by over forty one percent of all adults in the United States of America alone. These statistics alone should impress any marketer of business in this nation thereby makes snapchat for business a priority. Aside from that, one should note that Snapchat receives millions of new subscribers on a daily basis over the world half of whom are aged above twenty five years.

A platform like Snapchat that has more than half of its users aged above 25 years and this makes snapchat for business, a significant tool that can be used by internet marketers and businesses to further their agendas. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, users above this age are considered as mature and able to understand the direction of their economies in terms of the goods and service that trend.

This is an important aspect for marketers. Businesses and marketers target people that are able to understand the values of whatever goods and services on sale. Secondly, people aged above 25 years form a greater percentage of consumers or rather buyers of goods and services marketed in the internet.

It becomes therefore very imperative for internet marketers to direct their attention towards marketing platforms that has an audience aged above 25 years. These are the actual buyers of such goods and services. The ability of Snapchat to attract an audience of this nature makes it and invaluable tool for internet marketers and businesses.

Facts and Figures For Snapchat for Business

The biggest advantage that has come with cyber world is the ability to get exact figures of the number of internet users at a given time and the sites they visit. This therefore makes it easy for analysts to come up with the exact figures of internet users that visit given sites at given times.

As such, the number of Snapchat users can readily be identified for the purpose of ascertaining whether it can be an invaluable tool for marketing. Aside from the statistics, there are also a number of advantages Snapchat has over other social media platforms that are also praised worldwide as good marketing platforms for businesses and internet marketers.

Snapchat’s Statistics Reason Why You Should Consider Snapchat for Business

There have always been contradictions of figures and statistics of active users on not only Snapchat but other social media platforms as well. However, estimated statistics indicate that Snapchat has over 200 million active users on a monthly basis. These active users have been found to send over 700 million snaps in the form of short videos and photos on a daily basis.

These snaps receive over 500 million viewers on a daily basis. These statistics alone are enough to verify that any business or internet markets with the aim of obtaining audience for their products and services are able to meet this objective through engaging gin Snapchat.

It is estimated that over 100 million users are active on Snapchat daily from all over the world. Recent statistics have also indicated that Snapchat reaches close to 12 percent of the entire digital world of the United States of America. This percentage might not seem as much until one takes into consideration how much the actual population of the US amounts to. When this is looked into keenly, 11 or 12% is still a decent figure to work with.

Snapchat is a mobile application that is downloaded from plays stores of android and windows devices. This function is able to tell exactly how many Snapchat apps are downloaded. According to statistics, Snapchat was amongst 13 most downloaded apps from windows and android devices all over the world in 2015. Besides that, Snapchat would most of the time appear in the top three amongst video and photo applications downloaded all over the world.

One of the major reasons that Snapchat would be considered as an invaluable internet marketing tools if the exponential growth it has exhibited in the few years it has been in operation. Recent researches have indicated that Snapchat grew as much in only a year as twitter did in over four years. As a matter of fact, Snapchat is considered as having more users as compared to twitter; one of the many social media platforms available.

This qualifies Snapchat as a major player in cyber world an especially as far as internet marketing and social media are concerned. It is also important to note that over 76% of social media users on Snapchat are online shoppers as well. Online shopper can best be described as internet users who make use of the internet as an avenue of finding goods and services that they can finally purchase and consume.

Furthermore, Snapchat users have been found to spend an average of half an hour per day in the application. This is an indication that all Snapchat users find enough time to go through the contents and information share on it by other users. The fact that Snapchat exhibits over 100 million active users on a daily basis and 76% of these users are online shoppers only leaves one wondering how big the audience for internet marketers and online-based businesses.

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