How to Make Engaging and Likeable YouTube Videos

How to Make Likeable and Engaging YouTube Videos Content 101

How to Make Engaging and Likeable YouTube Videos

So now you know how to create engaging YouTube videos that look professional with high-quality production values. This alone will be enough to help promote your brand and potentially generate sales.

But the problem with powerful engaging YouTube videos is that it says nothing about the content or the popularity. If you want your video to get clicked on and if you want it to generate likes (which you do because this increases its exposure) then you need to ensure your videos are created in a way that’s engaging and that they have the right titles and the right message.

Step By Step Guide to Make Likeable and Engaging YouTube Videos

Creating Your Titles

One of the core vitals of creating engaging YouTube videos is Title. If you’ve ever done any content marketing revolving around written articles and posts, then you’ll likely know just how important the right title is for your success. An article will live or die by its title because often this is the only thing that potential viewers have to go on when deciding whether or not to watch your content.

The title of course is going to be tied very closely to the subject matter and this is what you need to work hard to get right if you’re vlogging or creating a video series if you really plan on making engaging YouTube videos.

The problem is: there’s an awful lot of content on YouTube these days. Viewers have seen thousands of videos on ‘how to lose weight’ and on ‘how to money from home’. Likewise, they’ve seen countless comedy sketches and cat videos.

If you want to a) get watched and b) get liked and subscribed, you need to offer something new and interesting. Try to think of titles in your niche that no one else has thought of, that can change people’s lives or that are just plain fascinating. This might mean combining two different topics or it might just mean coming at something from a different perspective.

Either way, talking about ‘Using Cardio Acceleration to Burn 20% More Fat’ is far more likely to do well than that aforementioned ‘How to Lose Fat’ video. The distinction is that it’s a new topic and that it offers real value and interest.

This is one reason that Vsauce has done so extremely well as a channel. On this channel, the host talks about things that are truly mind-blowing and answers the kinds of questions many of us have always had but never thought to ask – like why the moon looks bigger in the sky sometimes.

Another great example is Elliot Hulse or Strength Camp. This is a strength training channel but rather than just talking about building muscle, Elliot talks often about broader subjects that appeal to a much wider audience. In his ‘Yo, Elliot’ series, for instance, he asks questions about ‘being more alpha male’ or ‘exuding confidence’. These are things that appeal to the same target audience but that go a little deeper and offer something a little different. Try to think like that with your own videos.

Note that alongside your video title, the only other tool you have for grabbing attention right at the start is your thumbnail. These can be very effective in bringing in more views, so make sure that your thumbnails are custom made and that they encapsulate what’s interesting and unique about your video in a visually pleasing way.

Getting Likes

In your quest to make engaging YouTube videos, If you can do the above things well, then you will get likes, subscribers and shares. There are a few more things that can help though too…

One is quite simply to ask for likes, is to say at the start or end of your video that you’d appreciate ‘likes, shares and subscribes’ and you’ll find this can be surprisingly effective. Even a little pop-up reminding people to subscribe can be useful, as can running competitions and challenges revolving around getting more likes. For instance, why not create a ‘Part One’ video and say you’ll upload the second part only once you reach 1,000 likes? It sounds like a trick but it can be surprisingly effective and would lead to engaging YouTube videos.

Another way to get likes is to make sure you are likeable and charismatic. This part can be a little harder than it sounds – if you’re not born charismatic then how do you get people to think you are?

There are some things you can do. Smiling more is a good tip for instance, as is gesticulating more. Gesticulation correlates with enthusiasm and if it looks like you believe in what you’re saying it will make you instantly more likeable while also boosting your charisma.

At the same time, you should also avoid trying to force sales or engaging in other behaviors that are off putting. Don’t be negative and don’t be dismissive – talk as you would to a friend. Speak frankly and openly, engage the audience with rhetorical question and the occasional joke and ask people to get in touch.

But at the same time, be honest with yourself. Sad though it is, some of us just aren’t charismatic or likeable. If you didn’t have many friends at school, if you don’t have many now, if you’ve never been much of a leader… then public speaking probably isn’t going to be your strong suit. That’s fine! Just create videos where you don’t have to be in front of the camera, or hire someone else to stand in for you. Play to your strengths and don’t let your ego get in the way of smart business.

Finally, to create engaging YouTube videos, make sure you offer your viewers something useful they can act on. If you do that, then they’ll be grateful to you and they’ll feel compelled to help you out in return with a ‘like’. Business is about providing value and that is just as true for video marketing as it is for everything else.

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